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Electrical safety of children - the priority of power engineers

25 July 2012

Summer holidays have always been a period when many children stay constantly unsupervised by adults during the day. That is just in summer there is the maximum number of threats to the safety of childhood, and, therefore, explanatory work for the prevention of children’s injuries at power facilities becomes particularly relevant. As part of this work power engineers of IDGC of Centre are implementing a number of events and activities for teachers, children and their parents.

On the territory of the Kostroma region a joint with the regional newspaper “North Truth” project “Safe Childhood” has started. First of all a specialized memo was developed and published in the pages of the publication, which had more than 16,000 copies in circulation.

“In today’s environment the most effective way to protect children from a wide range of threats, both man-made and social issues, is, first of all, the consolidation of efforts of all agencies: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, prosecutors, power engineers, educational institutions, regional and local authorities and the media. Our newspaper at once supported the initiative of power engineers to jointly develop an action”- stresses Editor-in-Chief of “North Truth” Andrey Ratkov.

After starting the campaign the newspaper and IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division received many calls from parents and teachers. All of them expressed the wish that this kind of reminder to come to the attention of each schoolchild and, perhaps, for this you should attach it to the diary, or to one of workbooks.

As part of the campaign “Safe Childhood” power engineers of IDGC of Centre in conjunction with EMERCOM of Russia in the Kostroma region also conducted a routing game. At each stage of the game children had tasks that immersed them in a situation of compliance with safety regulations. According to the organizers, the main objective of such activities — to ensure a continuous process of learning the rules of safe behavior of children at home and in the street.

In the Belgorod region power engineers of IDGC of Centre with the Belgorod Institute for Training and Retraining of Specialists conducted a methodical seminar on the topic: “About teaching the subject “Principles of life safety in the 2012-2013 school year”. Specialists of educational institutions of municipalities and urban districts, as well as heads of regional teaching associations on the basics of life safety discussed in conjunction with power engineers forms and methods of conducting classes and extracurricular activities for electrical safety.

The seminar presented a collection of the best lessons on electrical safety. The authors of the book were the winners and prize winners of the regional competition for the best lesson on electrical safety, which since 2010 Belgorodenergo has been holding jointly with the Department of Education, Culture and Youth Affairs. The textbook of methodics includes printing and video materials, details about how to bring information to children about electrical safety rules.

At present, within the systematic work on electrical safety in all branches of IDGC of Centre roundtable discussions with representatives of RTN, the Ministry of Education, law enforcement agencies, EMERCOM, the media and public organizations are held.

As a result of their holding the experience presented by all parties, all proposals and initiatives will be accumulated in a single textbook of methodics.

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