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IDGC of Centre continues to work on the transition to the target model of the operational and technological control

2 July 2012

The main focus of IDGC of Centre in the field of improvement of grid control center operation (GCC) is the transition to the target model of the operational and technological management. This model will improve controlling equipment and reduce the time of the decision-making process for elimination of disturbances and restoration of power supply to consumers. In this regard, the reconstruction of grid control centers in all branches of IDGC of Centre is under way.

One of the most ambitious modernizations took place in the GCC of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division, whose main task is centralized control of operation modes of electrical networks, providing maximum reliability and efficiency of the grid complex of the Kostroma region.

In this region, a modern software-technological complex was deployed. It includes operational information complex of an operator and the system of workgroup data display. With the help of ten Mitsubishi video projection cubes operators can visually assess the status and parameters of control facilities in real-time with telemetry data and signals for operational decisions to manage facilities.

In the GCC there are three main workplaces for operators of Kostromsky, Galichsky and Sharyinsky management zones and two standby ones. The workstation displays all the information that comes from facilities under control of Kostromaenergo and the whole Kostroma power system. Currently, the GCC controls 16 conductors of 110 kV, 37 overhead lines of 35 kV and 62 substations of 35-110 kV. An operator in real time sees the change of equipment status, voltage levels and loads in the grid.

In addition, primary and backup communication and remote control channels for facilities under controls, as well as from distribution control centers of operational and technological groups of DENs and the power system entities were set: a branch of SO UES, Kostroma TCC, substations of Volga-Oka enterprise of transmission electrical grids, substations of Northern Railway Road, and substations of TGK-2.

This year, on the site of the City and Kostromsky DENs of Kostromaenergo a pilot project for the implementation of grid management and liquidation of emergency situations (OMS/DMS systems) will be launched, which will increase the operational and technological management up to the level of the best international practices.

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