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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre are restoring power supply to consumers, interrupted by the weather

27 June 2012

On June 26 hurricane force winds of up to 30 m/s that hit the Lipetsk, Tambov and Voronezh regions caused power interruptions. The wind was accompanied by heavy rains, thunderstorms, which led to the whipping and open circuits of overhead power lines. Power engineers of IDGC of Centre immediately began to restore power supply.

On the territory of the Lipetsk region the natural disaster hit Lipetsky, Gryazinsky and Chaplyginsky districts of the region the hardest. For the rapid restoration of electricity supply in the night from 26 to 27 June 46 crews with maintenance personnel and 22 pieces of special equipment were involved. With the coming of the morning crews of high mobility were withdrawn from the reserve, which are fully staffed with emergency supply and communications. To minimize the interruption of power supply contractors were involved.

In the Voronezh region technological disturbances in electric networks of Novokhopersky, Ramonsky, Kashirsky and Novousmansky districts were recorded. There are 21 first responding mobile crews, 32 crews of distribution networks and the four crews of Power Line Service working to completely eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster.

The operational headquarters for disaster relief and information provision to consumers immediately began their work in IDGC of Centre.

"By the morning of June 27 the normal power supply circuit of the main grid of 35-110 kV was restored. Now the restoration of 6-10 kV low voltage networks is under way", - stresses Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Sergey Shumakher.

Immediate actions of staff, some clear interaction with territorial MOE authorities, local authorities, the positive dynamics of eliminating the consequences of technological failures caused by the hurricane, can make a prediction for the restoration of electricity in the first half of the day.

More information on the progress of the restoration of power supply is available calling the round the clock toll-free Direct Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115.

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