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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre have started a large-scale reconstruction of the high-voltage lines in the Kostroma region

7 June 2012

The investment project, which is being implemented in the Kostroma region, provides for the reconstruction and modernization of 110 kV overhead transmission lines "Motordetal-Kostroma-1" and "Trans-Volga-1, 2" with a change in the power supply circuit of the city of Kostroma. The reconstruction of these lines - one of the most ambitious projects of the investment program of IDGC of Centre.

Within the project reconstruction work on these lines will be performed with going to the 110 kV major city substations (SS) "North" and "Central", which will greatly increase the transmission capacity of the overhead lines, as well as improve the reliability of electricity supply in most parts of the city of Kostroma and the Kostroma region. The power lines "Trans-Volga-1" and" Trans-Volga-2" serve as an "energy artery "of the city of Kostroma and the entire surrounding area and connect the regional center with the electrical grid coming from the Kostroma GRES. They go all over the Zavolzhsky territory and supply electricity over high voltage transitions across the Volga river to the main part of the city of Kostroma.

The reconstruction involves the replacement of obsolete poles and wires for modern equipment that meets the highest requirements for reliability and quality of electricity transmission. In accordance with the reconstruction plan 51 metal lattice poles and 86 metal multifaceted poles will be installed, the wire along the whole ROW with total length of about 27.5 km will be replaced. Upgrading of the overhead power lines "Motordetal - Kostroma-1" and "Trans-Volga-1, 2" will significantly reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of lines.

At the same time the reconstruction of tap 110 kV substations that provide electricity to city of Kostroma is being performed. Some time ago the reconstruction of the SS "North" was completed; the investment program of 2012 provides for a large-scale reconstruction of the SS "Central". Both substations will be equipped with microprocessor-based relay protection and automation, fiber-optic communication lines, and modern gas-insulated equipment.

All the upgrades on the lines are being performed within the technical policy of IDGC of Centre, which aims to improve the reliability and quality of power supply for consumers.

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