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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre receive gratitude for their participation in the development of regional programs

6 June 2012

Administration of the city of Zadonsk in the Lipetsk region thanks General Director of IDGC of Centre Dmitry Gudzhoyan and staff of Zadonsky District of Electrical Networks of IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division for the complex of works on energy efficiency of a new residential apartment building down in Uritsky street built as part of the implementation of the targeted city program "Rehousing people out of dilapidated housing stock". Lipetsk power engineers of IDGC of Centre implemented a grid connection of the new house as soon as possible and qualitatively.

The letter of thanks from the head of the city of Zadonsk Vladimir Kalugin said: "We are pleased to note that our cooperation in place helps successfully solve the problems posed by the society to improve the living conditions of citizens. Thank you for your professionalism and reliability to ensure the socio-economic development of our region".

Residents of the rural settlement of Yuryevsky rural council of Zadonsk municipal district also sent a letter of gratitude in the name of Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division director Alexander Konanykhin for the quick and qualitative reconstruction of power lines.

The retrofitting of overhead power lines was caused by the development of the special economic zone of tourist-recreational type "Zadonshchina", one of the routes of which runs through the territory of the rural settlement of Yuryevsky rural council. This municipality includes five settlements – villages of Yablonovo, Yuryevo, Nerezha, Alisovo and Znamenka with a rich historical past, which determines their potential for tourism.

Implementation of the plans for socio-economic development of the settlement is carried out in close collaboration with specialists of IDGC of Centre, providing the energy needs of the municipality. Thus, to improve the reliability of power equipment, located on the territory of that settlement, experts of Lipetskenergo reconstructed 7.6 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead lines using modern high-tech wires (overhead and self-supporting insulated wires) and the replacement of wooden poles for concrete, laid 400 m of 10 kV cable lines. Power engineers also installed seven new transformer substations of different capacities. "The work was done quickly and efficiently. We are thankful to the power engineers of IDGC of Centre for their care for the inhabitants of the settlement", - said the letter of thanks on behalf of the head of the village administration Nikolay Tyurin.

Today, the power supply of Zadonsk district, one of the cultural and historical centers of Orthodox Russia, is in special focus of Lipetskenergo: active socio-economic development of the district has led to an increase in the number of new connections. Power engineers of IDGC of Centre, in spite of the increased volume of work, are coping with all tasks in a timely manner.

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