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IDGC of Centre is implementing a pilot project on fault locators

4 April 2012

The use of innovations and advanced technologies that promote the energy sector in Central Russia and ensure electricity supply is a priority task of IDGC of Centre. The Company pays great attention to the modernization of power equipment and the implementation of innovative technologies. One of the projects of the implementation of a new technology is the use of fault locators on 6-10 kV overhead power lines.

These technical devices are designed to locate a faulty section with interphase faults and ground faults on taps of 6-10 kV overhead lines. At the moment when the device detects that the line there is a transient fault, the green LED lights up, and with a steady fault — red. The light signal of the indicator is well visible at a distance of 200 meters. To increase the economic effect these devices are installed in easily accessible places, where visual inspection is mostly simple. The indicator works with a battery, the charge of which is designed for almost 10 years of service.

With the new device specialists of mobile crews do not need to check all taps of power lines to locate a fault. This significantly saves time during the line inspection, fault removal and power supply restoration to consumers. The use of fault locators substantially reduces the cost of detection of faulty sections of overhead power lines, improves the quality of service of electricity end users. The most appropriate use of fault locators is on long lines and lines with many taps.

In Tambovenergo, where fault locators on 6-10 kV overhead power lines are in pilot operation, five sets of fault locators are installed on two overhead power lines. Since October last year, these devices have been checked at different time and weather intervals. According to the analysis of the pilot operation of these devices during the year it will be decided on the need for their further use.

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