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The industrial activity of IDGC of Centre in 2011 was summarized; the tasks for the current year were defined

26 March 2012

A meeting of chief engineers of branches of IDGC of Centre finished its work in Kursk. It discussed the reliability of electrical grids provision, compliance with the rules of occupational safety, fire and environmental safety, as well as the situation was analyzed with the implementation of the technical policy and R&D, technological connection of large customers, the implementation of major investment projects in 2011.

“Key activity areas in 2011 for IDGC of Centre was the implementation of initiatives to improve the reliability and service quality, operational efficiency, providing innovative development, as well as increasing the availability of the electric grid infrastructure”, — said Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Sergey Shumakher.

The industrial activity of the branches related to the implementation of the program of repairs and measures to improve the system of operational and technological management in 2011, was summed up by Deputy Chief Engineer for Electric Grid Facilities Management Evgeny Turapin. He emphasized that the Overhaul Program of IDGC of Centre in 2011 was completed on time and in full. The Company allocated over 1.3 billion rubles for the repair of the main equipment. More than 5,000 transformer substations and switchgear, more than 20 thousand kilometers of power lines of different voltage classes were repaired. As part of the target reliability program implementation at 300 substations isolating and short-circuiting switches were replaced, obsolete 10-110 kV circuit breakers were replaced with circuit breakers of a new generation and relay protection was also retrofitted. The clearing and expansion of ROWs along conductors was fully implemented: 11 046.3 and 2 470.3 hectares respectively.

Head of Technical Inspection of IDGC of Centre Oleg Rochagov presented the analysis of the work results to ensure reliability of electric grids for the past period. In 2011, according to the comparison with 2010 the undersupply of energy decreased by 17.5%, by 24.2% — the economic damage. The main causes of outages are natural phenomena, damage to overhead power lines from falling trees. Clearing and expansion of ROWs remains a priority to improve the reliability of the electric grid.

Deputy Chief Engineer for Technical Development — Head of Technical Development Department Dmitry Rybnikov presented the results to the meeting’s participants on the technical policy implementation and innovations. An important step in solving the strategic task to raise the level of technological development and to achieve a leading position in the industry is the adoption of the Program of Innovative Development of IDGC of Centre for 2011 — 2016. The planned amount of the Program for Innovative Development for 2012 is 2.2 billion rubles.

Deputy Chief Engineer IDGC of Centre Grigory Popov elaborated on the preparation status of schemes and programs for future development of the regions in 2011, branches’ interaction with the authorities in making documents.

The work of IDGC of Centre in the field of occupational safety, industrial, fire and environmental safety was summed up by Head of industrial control and safety Office Elena Kalinina. She gave an assessment of provision of special clothing and protective equipment for the staff, implementation of programs aimed at preventing electric injuries of the staff and third parties, and noted the branches that have become winners for the best fire fighting condition. Certificates of merit — first, second and third places — were presented to representatives of Smolenskenergo, Kurskenergo, Tambovenergo.

In addition, following the results of the Company’s operation in 2011, rankings of the branches in various areas of industrial activity were determined.

Summing up the meeting, Sergey Shumakher noted: “The past two days have been very efficient for us. The leaders of technical units of 11 regions where the Company operates discussed the results of the work in all areas affecting the reliability and efficiency of the distribution grid complex in Central Russia. Each participant of the meeting has an understanding by what means to provide reliable electricity to consumers in all weather and environmental conditions”.

To the priorities for 2012 Sergey Shumakher referred the preparation of electric grids to ensure their operation during the future period of autumn — winter peak loads, the implementation of the innovative program of the Company, planned comprehensive works on repair and capital construction, the achievement of reliability indicators of power supply on the basis of accurate information, the implementation of the technological standard of power consumption for transportation, technological connection of consumers within the terms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation through the implementation of optimal technical solutions.

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