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Congratulations of General Director of IDGC of Centre Dmitry Gudzhoyan on the Defender of the Motherland Day

22 February 2012

Dear friends and colleagues!

I congratulate you on the Defender of the Motherland Day!

This holiday has always symbolized the devotion to the Motherland, loyalty to military duty, valor, courage and bravery. Celebrating it, we honor the veterans who defended the independence of our nation during the Civil and Great Patriotic War, as well as those who guarded our lives in peace and now stand guard for the security of the state.

Energy industry is considered one of the strategically important sectors of the economy, and the profession of the power engineer is the fate of brave, determined, strong-minded and dedicated people.

In the many thousands team of IDGC of Centre those people work, who at one time with honor and dignity gave their soldier’s duty to the Motherland, and now give all their powers to the implementation of the major Company’s mission — to bring the energy of light to each customer, often demonstrating real labor heroism.

On behalf of the entire team of IDGC of Centre I thank you for your strength and courage to solve important industrial problems. I wish you health, prosperity, achievement of set goals and professional success! Let the holiday of brave and courageous people always be peaceful and happy!

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