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IDGC of Centre chooses the best safety equipment for its employees

25 January 2012

IDGC of Centre is fully responsible for the safety of its personnel in production of work, so it chooses the best personal protective equipment for the power engineers of the Company. For this purpose, for the fourth time we hold a review-competition for the purchase of protective equipment and devices. In 2012, it was held on the site of Bryansk branch of IDGC of Centre.

The review was attended by 14 vendors, many of them have been cooperating with power engineers of IDGC of Centre for years. During the event, the best products were selected to be recommended for use in everyday work of power engineers.

The Commission, consisting of Heads of production control and safety departments of branches, for two days assessed the quality and ease of use of the proposed products. Previously, all samples of electrical protection equipment were tested in Diagnostics Service of Bryanskenergo for durability and ease of use. If necessary, samples were tested in field conditions. Evaluation of products to eliminate the biased element was performed without reference to their suppliers, and they were exhibited under their numbers. Particular attention was paid to design features of the equipment, as well as its ergonomics.

Insulating rods (operating poles, portable grounding sticks), made of plastic of a qualitatively new level were marked as the most interesting samples. Insulating rods are also used in voltage meters for its check with the earthing.

In addition to the products, presented in lots, some firms presented to the Commission products under development. The professionals showed the greatest interest in the unified design of boxes to accommodate the personal protective equipment designed for installation in the UAZ-type vehicle for mobile crew.

Experts of IDGC of Centre, based on advice from the Commission and taking into account the price component, identified products with the best «price — quality» and will include them into their procurement plans.

This practice of review-competitions, as noted by Head of industrial control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre Elena Kalinina, exists in IDGC of Centre for four years and gives positive results, as this method of selection of personal protective equipment is entrusted to professionals who are experts in the field of occupational safety. Further, she stressed: «An important task for the Company’s management is to improve industrial safety, providing modern and quality personal protective equipment and devices, so for our employees, we choose the best».

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