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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre together with the Russian Emergencies Ministry implement measures to prevent contingencies in the electric grid

30 December 2011

The last month of the departing year was marked by regular climatic anomalies. Heavy rain with snow, strong wind, temperature changes, which were not rare in the Central part of Russia, pose risks of technological failures in the distribution electric grid complex. In order to prevent possible contingencies power engineers of IDGC of Centre together with the Russian Emergencies Ministry are implementing a number of preventive organizational and technical measures.

In all branches of IDGC of Centre agreements on cooperation in the elimination of massive technological failures were signed with regional offices of the Russian Emergencies Ministry: they provide timely information exchange, and if necessary, provide assistance — with machinery and equipment, and emergency reserve and personnel from among the specialists.

In order to improve staff development, working out operational activities in the event of a contingency 15 joint exercises were conducted together with the Russian Emergencies Ministry, 216 trainings took place on the detection and elimination of ice, snow buildup on wires and ground wires.

In 11 regions of Russia regional interagency headquarters for power supply security operate. This form of interaction of power engineers of IDGC of Centre, local authorities of the regions and the Russian Emergencies Ministry contribute to the development of clear joint actions to prevent power supply failures and immediate elimination response.

It should be noted that IDGC of Centre for the prevention of contingencies in the electric grid during 2011 implemented an extensive program to improve the reliability and quality of power supply. The priority direction of this program determined the works to clear up and expand ROWs. In 2011, over 21 919 hectares of ROWs have been cleared up that is by 684 hectares more than the plan, the last year’s figures have been exceeded by 1.5 times. Most of the work the Company executed already during the first half. Thanks to this for 11 months of the year the specific failure rate (number of failures, energy not supplied and economic loss) has been reduced by 7% compared with the previous year.

This year, the ROW clearing was performed using the most modern equipment, techniques and materials. The number of special wood shredders — mulchers has increased in the branches. All branches of IDGC of Centre are equipped with Swedish chainsaws “Husqvarna”; and they have greatly enabled to increase labour productivity. In all branches there are hydraulic lifts type AGP-18, the use of which allows fast cutting only part of the tree crown, located at an inappropriate distance from power line wires without damaging the trunk. Maintenance crews are provided with special off-road vehicles, which enable the clearance and expansion in remote places.

“We are confident that the precise coordination of power engineers of IDGC of Center, EMERCOM and authorities, and their harmonious joint work will provide reliable and quality power supply for our customers, and if necessary, promptly eliminate consequences of adverse weather and natural phenomena, noted Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Sergey Shumakher. — We are all working for the people so that there will always be light and heat in their homes”.

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