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Congratulations of General Director of IDGC of Centre Dmitry Gudzhoyan on the Power Engineers’ Day and a Happy New Year.

22 December 2011

Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you on the Power Engineers’ Day and a coming Happy New Year!

I congratulate you on the Power Engineers’ Day and a coming Happy New Year! For seven years IDGC of Centre has been on its way of constant development: each year becomes a new stage in achieving its goals. Our success — it’s not just the result of titanic labor, but exact calculation, quality organization, intelligence and hard work.

2011 was marked for the Company with innovative development. All conditions for the promotion of innovative ideas have been created in IDGC of Centre, the Innovative Development Program for 2011-2016 has been approved and is being implemented and a large-scale investment program has been implemented, based on the use of new technologies and the most modern equipment.

This year we have implemented projects that are significant for us and the regions. In IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division we have completed a comprehensive reconstruction of the substation «East 1» to change the voltage level from 35 to 110 kV, in the town of Shebekino of the Belgorod region the 110-kV substation «Chemicals plant» was reconstructed, in Inzhavinsky district of the Tambov region a grid infrastructure has been created that will provide the technological connection and reliable electricity supply to a poultry production unit. Here a new substation 110/10 kV named «PTF» was constructed and the substations 110/35/10 kV «Inzhavinskaya» and 35/10 kV «Nikitinskaya» were reconstructed. In Kursk, the substation equipped with the latest equipment «Springs» was commissioned. These power facilities allowed to connect new customers to the Company’s grid and to supply power to socially significant facilities. In the Orel region a project on electricity supply to a meat-processing unit of «Znamensky SGC» LLC is being implemented. These and many other investment projects are demonstrating an innovative approach of IDGC of Centre for development and modernization of the electric grid and are targeted for further development of the 11 regions of Russia.

We are looking to the future, being aware of our responsibility for compliance with the strictest international safety standards, responsibility for our employees and the people around us. No project would have been implemented without excellent professionals — power engineers of Central Russia.

A strategic resource for the development of the electric grid of the Company is its young professionals. Investing in education of employees allows us to prepare the gold personnel reserve of IDGC of Center. An important task in the potential development of young employees is to support their labour-saving and innovative activities. A striking example of solving this problem this year is the opening of the Youth Innovation Centre in Yaroslavl, active involvement of the Company’s staff in the first All-Russian youth contest of high-tech innovative ideas and projects «Future Energy». The following year a large-scale implementation of the youth policy will continue.

Development, enhancing the professionalism of young professionals of IDGC of Center is seamlessly linked with the mentoring movement, widely developed in the Company. This year Veterans’ Council participated in the creation of museums, Doors Open Days, social actions and events of the Company. Veterans’ Councils are doing a great job in preserving the history and promoting the best traditions of power engineers. Dear veterans, we thank you for your active participation in scientific and technical innovative activities of the Company! Your unique experience is necessary for us to future successes.

This year we are celebrating two major anniversaries: 50 years from the date of establishing the Belgorod power system and the 75th anniversary of the Tver power system. Congratulations to teams of the branches, I wish you prosperity and industrial progress and new achievements!

Employees of the utilities industry realize the enormous importance of their profession for the country and a tremendous responsibility for the welfare and comfort of millions of people. Each year demonstrates that we are moving only forward, not forgetting for a moment that the power industry is the necessary foundation for the functioning of the economy of the country.

We feel proud of our industry that inspires us to reach new higher levels.

On the Power Engineers’ Day of Energy I would like to wish everyone whose life is linked to the utilities industry that the work would bring you satisfaction of your results achieved, and experience and professionalism would contribute to the further development and strengthening of the energy complex of the country. On New Year’s Eve with all my heart I wish you good luck, good health and prosperity!

Let 2012 bring you next professional victories!

General Director IDGC of Centre, JSC
Dmitry O. Gudzhoyan

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