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Advisor to General Director of IDGC of Centre, General Director of JSC "Energy Service Company" Mark Slonimsky spoke at the Business Forum of the Exhibition «Electric networks of Russia - 2011»

29 November 2011

Participants of the forum «Innovation potential of Russia’s electric distribution grid complex» discussed the renovation and making better use of existing equipment. Mark Slonimsky presented a report on the topic «Distributed generation as an element of „smart grid“».

According to Director General of IDGC Holding Nikolay Shvets it is important to keep the system-based work in innovations. IDGC Holding has the Scientific and Technical Council in operation, an engineering center has been created and now expands its operations, in the framework of an innovative program relationships have been established with developers, equipment manufacturers and scientific research institutions.

Deputy Director General — Technical Director of IDGC Holding Boris Mekhanoshin designated areas for innovative solutions. He urged the participants of the forum to offer solutions based on performance parameters, effect of their implementation on the amount of operating costs of IDGC Holding. The company is awaiting efficient solutions, and he sees one of the objectives of the international exhibition in their proposal.

The topic for discussion at the Business Forum was also the system retrofit for elimination of major emergencies of natural origin. «For the first time distribution networks have been put to coordinates, each pole of a high-voltage grid is on the map. Knowing where reserves are concentrated and where at the moment mobile crews are located, allows to coordinate our resources and contractors to eliminate negative climatic impacts», — said Boris Mekhanoshin. He also noted the valuable experience of the effects of adverse natural phenomena, obtained last winter in Moscow.

Advisor to General Director of IDGC of Centre, General Director of JSC «Energy Service Company» Mark Slonimsky during the session «Implementation of the Program of innovative development of IDGC Holding spoke about distributed generation as an element of «smart grid». He noted that among the prerequisites for the development of distributed generation in Russia one should take into account the increasing demand for energy security and operational sustainability of the distribution grid complex and stressed the interest of distribution companies in the development of small generation. There were also marked advantages in the operation of distributed generation within the development of the retail electricity market, the state effective measures have been proposed, including non-tariff support for small generators.

Throughout the day at the information booth of IDGC Holding representatives of all the subsidiaries worked with visitors of the exhibition «Electric networks». Head of implementation of new equipment, technologies Department of Technical Development Office of IDGC of Siberia Andrey Meshcheryakov noted that most of partner companies are interested in the conditions under which they can give power companies equipment into commercial operation: «Here at the exhibition we have a unique opportunity to explain our standards, present our list of requirements for delivery, payment, tell what course of action in the event of technological failures on experimental equipment».

Leading specialist of R&D and Project Management Section of Technical Development Department of IDGC of Centre Sergey Novikov noted that the exhibition provides an opportunity to get feedback, discuss issues of interaction in the form of roundtables. In particular, in terms of defining technical requirements, which the company imposes on equipment to be purchased and procurement procedures and project management. «Electric Networks», first of all, is a design and engineering center and I am looking forward to the moment when I personally can visit the exhibition of my colleagues to familiarize myself with the innovative projects that are presented at the exhibition", — said Sergey Novikov.

IDGC Holding, as a responsible company took over the assignment of the organizers to determine the best exhibits. All representatives of the booths were personally handed over the questionnaire with the application for participation in the contest by Specialist of Public Relations Department of IDGC of Centre Elena Malova.

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