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Employees of IDGC of Centre participated in a seminar on “Ensuring efficient operation of an electric grid company. Tariff regulation”

17 November 2011

November 16, 2011 a seminar was held for employees of IDGC of Centre on the topic “Ensuring efficient operation of an electric grid company. Tariff regulation”. The training was organized by KEMA International B.V. The event was attended by experts from the executive office of IDGC of Centre, Deputy Directors for Economics and Finance, heads of economic departments of the Company’s branches.

The main topic of the seminar was the tariff regulation. The participants discussed international experience in implementing the tariff regulation, methods of analysis of financial performances, as well as stimulating efficiency, quality and reliability regulation.

The KEMA representative told participants of the world practice in methods of analyzing the efficiency of investments, on ensuring return on investment, costs management in an electric grid company and estimating its performance.

Please, be reminded that all the branches of IDGC of Centre have shifted to the regulation of tariffs based on the RAB methodology since January 1, 2011. The new method of tariff regulation promotes electric grid development and increase of the reliability of electricity supply and is able to attract investment resources for the long term.

During the summary Head of Economics Department of IDGC of Centre Natalia Loganova said: “The seminar gave us the opportunity to compare the Russian experience with some foreign tariff regulations and to adopt some practical advice that can be applied in the company. We learned the evaluation methods of tariff regulation, benchmarking in international electric distribution grid companies”.

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