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The names of the best employees of IDGC of Centre are listed on the Honour Board of IDGC Holding

10 November 2011

On the eve of the professional holiday of the Day of Power Engineers, for the great contribution to the development of the distribution grid complex Head of Sharinsky DEN of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division Sergey Fokin and electrician of Lebedyansky DEN of IDGC of Centre -Lipetskenergo division Mikhail Cherepannikov have been listed onto the Honour Board of IDGC Holding. This is evidenced by an order signed by Director General Nikolay Shvets.

Both specialists have been working in the electricity industry for over 30 years. They are highly skilled professionals; they are distinguished by their responsibility, hard work and commitment to their chosen profession. It is they who are entrusted with the implementation of advanced equipment, modern technologies and advanced materials.

Sergey Fokin directly participated in the works and supervised them during commissioning of the substation 500/110 kV “Star”, which greatly improved the power supply circuit in the north-eastern part of the Kostroma region, as well as the neighboring Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov regions, increased reliability of power supply and provided the energy supply to the region’s largest enterprise “Kronostar”. Under his supervision two new power line of the new electric grid facility — PL-110 kV substation “Star” — DS “Dawn” and DS “Dawn” — SS “Kronostar” were also constructed.

Mikhail Cherepannikov took part in the modernization of overhead power lines in Lebedyansky, Krasninsky, Dankovsky, Leo Tolstovsky and Chaplyginsky districts of the Lipetsk region. For his success in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and highly efficient processes of operation, he was awarded the silver badge of honor of IDGC of Centre, in 2011 he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation”.

“The main value for us — people both working in the Company, and those for whom we work. This is one of the first tenets of the mission and values of IDGC of Centre, — notes Human Resources Director — Head of HR management and organizational design of IDGC of Centre Alexander Lyaskin. — Therefore it is very important for us not only financially encourage and motivate employees, but to do justice to their conscientious work, professional achievements and contribution to the development of the electric distribution grid utilities. The labor collective of IDGC of Centre has more than 30,000 skilled professionals and we are proud that two of our employees have been selected as the best 16 employees of IDGC Holding”.

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