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Future development of distributed generation was discussed in IDGC Holding

12 September 2011

A meeting of heads of sections of the Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues» of the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) was held in IDGC Holding. For discussion of corresponding members and Professors working in the electricity distribution sector of Russia, as well as the country’s leading technical universities, such as the MSTU after N. E. Bauman and MPEI the achievements of the Scientific-Technical Center «VDM-Technology» to create an asynchronous generator for wind power stations were presented. General Director of the Research and Development Centre, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Vladimir Masolov, reported the development of prototypes of specialized motor-reduction disk valve drives for use in control devices of high-voltage electrical grids to make them smart. According to Victor Masolov, these developments at the meeting of the Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues» were first presented to specialists of the distribution grid companies.

«The scientific department is the communication interface between IDGC Holding and the expert scientific community, and we have agreed to consider interesting research ideas at meetings, aspiring to the status of contract research and development of the Russian energy sector and IDGC Holding, as an anchor customer in particular. We are the representatives of science, and we strive to promote and support science,»- said Deputy Head of Research Department, Corresponding Member of the AMS, Alexander Uzhanov, and proposed to General Director of the Research and Development Centre of IDGC (100% subsidiary of IDGC Holding), Professor Vladimir Yurkov, to consider the proposed developments for the prospects of their practical application in distribution grids.

Professor of the chair «Gas-turbine and non-traditional sets» at MSTU after N. E. Bauman, Ph. D., corresponding member of the AMS, Alexander Kuftov, stressed the need for integrated development of these technologies with aerodynamics, and willingness to cooperate in the framework of the target problem of «Distributed generation», created earlier this year by the Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues». Representatives of the task force in the course of discussing the prospects of development of distributed generation reported on the development of the concept of «Distributed generation as an element of smart grids».

IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division deputy director for development and sale of services, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the AMS, Alexander Kosolapov, reported on pilot projects for the development of distributed generation. Head of relationships with customers Department of IDGC of Centre, Head of a subsidiary «Energy Service Company», Mark Slonimsky argued against the opinion that the grids are «not interested» in development of distributed generation. «We’re going to invest in projects related to small generation. Its development provides synergy. Projects with low generation pays off when there is a steady consumption profile, but no production unit cannot ensure it, so buying excess energy, which is not consumed by any manufacturer, will be beneficial for both the customer and IDGC — said Mark Slonimsky. — Our interest to compensate our own losses and the customer interest, which installs a small generation facility, come together. Negotiations are already being conducted on several projects. Regional authorities also support the development of eco-friendly small generation projects.»

By December 25, 2011 the task force will present the concept of «Distributed generation as an element of smart grids» to the Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues». As part of the business forum «Innovative development of the distribution grid utilities», which IDGC Holding will hold within the 13-th International specialized exhibition «Electrical Grids of Russia 2011» in November — December this year, the idea of holding a «round table» with invitation of specialists of other industries, engaged in the development of small generation is being worked out.

Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Mariy El, Tatiana Mikheeva, IDGC of Center and Volga — Marienergo division deputy director for legal and human resources was willing to present developments of the Scientific Department at the roundtable «Energy Efficency and Environmental Safety: Consolidation of efforts of the government, business and civil society» to be held in Yoshkar-Ola in late November — early December 2011. Alexander Uzhanov suggested to Doctor of Law, Tatiana Mikheeva, to join the task force as a legal expert and awarded her with a diploma of a corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences.

For the purpose of broad public positioning of the ideas being developed and implemented within the framework of the Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues» the section leaders endorsed a program of information provision. The program was presented by the leading specialist of the Public Relations Department of IDGC of North-West, Ph. D. in Economics, Professor of the AMS, Maxim Golikov. The program implementation will promote the involvement of scientists at work for the benefit of electric distribution grid utilities of Russia, stimulating scientific initiatives of young specialists of the industry and creating a systematic approach in the scientific work of specialists of fuel-and-energy companies.

The section leaders approved the membership and structure of the new task force on the concept development in the management of intellectual property. The task force is headed by Advisor to General Director of IDGC Holding, corresponding member of the AMS, Doctor of Political Sciences, Leonid Zhigunov. According to him in 2010, 162,900 international applications for patents, including 44 855 from U. S. companies, 32 156 from Japan and 17 171 from Germany were received. Russian companies and inventors have filed 560 applications in total. «IDGC Holding is intensifying its work in this direction, the possession of patents is a good market mechanism that would enhance the value of assets and investment attractiveness of companies» — stressed Leonid Zhigunov. The task force will develop not only mechanisms for intellectual property management but also incentive systems for research initiatives to involve young and experienced specialists of companies into inventive activities in the configuration of IDGC Holding, partners and created basic chairs. IDGC of Volga — Samara distribution grids director, Ph. D. in Economics, Professor of the AMS, Konstantin Kotikov, was approved as the Deputy Head of the task force.

Partners of the Scientific Department also took their floor at the meeting. After the presentation of the Foundation for Research of Security Issues «Science XXI» by its first vice-president, Candidate of Political Sciences, Victor Buslovsky, who presented options for co-operation, a plan of joint activities was approved.

Alexander Uzhanov spoke about the meeting on September 1, 2011 of the Head of Scientific Department «Energy Security Issues», General Director of IDGC Holding, Nikolay Shvets, with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, in which the Minister was briefed on the activities of the Department of the basic chair of IDGC Holding «Economics and management in the power industry» in the structure of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) MGIMO (U) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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