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The team of IDGC of Centre ended their participation in the All-Russian competitions of professional skills of IDGC Holding

12 September 2011

In Vologda the All-Russian competitions of professional skills of operation and maintenance staff of electric distribution grids of IDGC Holding ended. 13 teams participated in the competitions. IDGC of Centre was represented by the team of Valuisky DEN of the Belgorod division of the company.

Power men of IDGC of Centre successfully performed at the second stage — elimination of electric shock of the injured person and providing him with first aid. During the second stage the team climbed the pole for 2.4 minutes, bringing the injured person down and providing first aid to him. This result is 1.6 minute less than the norm. Then the crew members of IDGC of Centre demonstrated the ability to perform cardiac pulmonary resuscitation on the robot-simulator Gosha — this team did for 3.33 minutes. As a result, at this stage the power men of IDGC of Centre scored 243 points, which was the best result of the competition.

At the most spectacular sixth stage the team of the power men of IDGC of Centre scored 193 points out of 200 possible. It was necessary to put out the fire in a transformer bay of 10/0,4 kV transformer substation. The time was estimated, as well as the coherence of work of the operator and the crew members and the correctness of operation documentation and instructions for the fire team.

In the individual category “The most experienced participant” the winner was an electrician operating distribution networks of Valuisky DEN of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division, Oleg Miroshnichenko.

According to the judges and participants the competitions were held with efficiently, the power men of IDGC Holding showed a high level of training. The judges evaluated not only professional training but also such important components of the power man’s kills as quick response, precision and coherence of actions, effectiveness of decisions taken, deep knowledge of new and basic equipment — all of which occurs in everyday work of crews.

“In the competitions held were no losers, because the team not only competed with each other, but also took the best experience to successfully and efficiently cope with emergency situations that occur in the power industry,” — said Deputy General Director for Technical Issues — Chief engineer of IDGC of Centre, Sergey Schumacher.

For information:

The winner of the All-Russian competitions of professional skills of operation and maintenance staff of electric distribution grids of IDGC Holding was the team of Tyumenenergo, the second place — the team of IDGC of South, the third place — power men of IDGC of North-West. The team of IDGC of Centre was the seventh, and the video displaying innovative technologies and tools that are used in the work of operational staff took the first place in the competition of videos, held within the competitions.

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