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The Administration of Zolotukhinsky district of the Kursk region thanked the power engineers of IDGC of Centre

22 September 2011

Head of the Administration of Zolotukhinsky District of the Kursk region, Victor Kozhukhov, thanked the General Director of IDGC of Centre, Dmitry Gudzhoyan, for the work aimed at improving the reliability of electrical networks in the region.

“We are sincerely grateful to the Kursk power engineers of IDGC of Centre for their constant willingness to cooperate, being responsive to the calls of consumers. Specialists of the division are always ready to provide the villagers with appropriate quality of services. Reliable electricity supply in the district is the indicator of high level of work of IDGC of Centre as a whole ”, - noted the head of Zolotukhinsky district of the Kursk region, Victor Kozhukhov.

This year the Kursk power engineers of IDGC of Centre cleared ROW for overhead power lines from wild bushes and trees with a wood grinder (mulcher), which would substantially reduce the number of outages in the district, including contrary weather conditions. The district administration is confident in the successful completion of the upcoming autumn and winter period.

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