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The football team of IDGC of Centre qualified for 1\8 “Cup of Energy" mini-football round

19 September 2011

Last weekend the team of IDGC of Centre took part in the mini-football tournament «Cup of Energy», held by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The Cup was held for the second time. This year’s tournament was attended by 24 football teams, who represented the companies of the fuel and energy complex of Russia. The team of IDGC of Centre consisted of the players from the Kursk branch — the winners of the summer sports days of IDGC of Centre — 2011, held in Bryansk, and representatives of the executive office.

All the teams were divided into six groups of four teams in a group; the competitions were held in legs. The team of IDGC of Centre was in group «C», which also included the teams of Inter RAO UES, SUEK and RusHydro.

On the first day the team of IDGC of Centre successfully played in the group and went to the «Gold Series» Play-Off, losing 0:2 only to the winner of the 2011 Cup team of Inter RAO. All the matches were very hard and two ten minutes’ times were given to determine the best team. This time limit promoted the fighting spirit of the players that did not allow losing time for warming up.

As a result of the hard football matches the combined team of IDGC of Centre qualified for 1\8 round.

«The most important in these events — passion, team spirit, team building. — notes a member team of IDGC of Centre, Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management Department of IDGC of Centre, Vadim Bunin.- Participation in the sports industry events of the nationwide level, especially in such spectacular ones as football, becomes another way to express our company, to strengthen its image, internal and external corporate communications in the sporting conditions, in the movement towards new victories.»

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