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IDGC of Centre held a meeting of the Board of Directors

19 September 2011

On September 16, 2011 the Board of Directors of IDGC of Centre approved the adjusted target values ​​of key performance indicators of the Company, the Business plan and the Investment program for 2011, as well as the report of the Director General on execution of the Business plan and the Investment program of IDGC of Center for 2Q and 1H 2011.

The adjustments of the Business plan and the Investment program for 2011 are associated with a revision of tariff-balanced solutions by regional regulating bodies. According to the adjusted business plan for 2011 the revenue is expected in the amount of RUR 68.2 billion, including the revenue from electricity transmission of RUR 65.9 billion, the revenue from connection services of RUR 1.6 billion, and other revenue of RUR 0.7 billion. EBITDA for 2011 is projected at RUR 11.5 billion and net profit at RUR 3.3 billion. The Adjusted investment program is approved in the amount of RUR 14.9 billion. Productive supply («boiler») in 2011 is expected to reach 53.89 billion kWh.

In addition, the Board of Directors discussed and took note of the report of the Director General on the acquisition in 2Q 2011 of electric power facilities, the approval of which is not required by the Board of Directors.

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