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Power men of IDGC of Centre are ready to provide reliable power supply of the city of Smolensk during the state visit of the Prime Minister

25 August 2011

High reliability operation mode is in place for reliable power supply of facilities in Smolensk and Smolensk city district power grids of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division for special events involving top officials. On the eve of the visit of the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, to Smolensk some equipment was put into operation that was previously switched off in accordance with planned outages and an unscheduled inspection of electrical facilities was performed.

The staff of the division was instructed regarding their actions in the process of failures elimination and immediate notification of departments of the territorial bodies of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Interior Ministry in case of suspicious persons, transportation, and foreign bodies with signs of explosive devices. Operating personnel was put on duty and additional measures were taken to increase fire safety at facilities.

At the sites of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division the access control and monitoring of the staff of the private security company was increased and failure-free operation of the alarm system was ensured. These measures are aimed at the exclusion of any intrusion into power facilities. Special monitoring is provided over operation of equipment of electrical substations and networks, crews are equipped with necessary tools, materials and transportation in case of emergency.

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