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British standards institution confirmed efficiency of the quality management system of IDGC of Centre

17 August 2010

The executive apparatus of the Company was certified on compliance the quality management system to ISO 9001 even in 2007. Since 2008 certification audit has been conducted in the divisions of IDGC of Centre, in each division separately. Formation of the target structure of IDGC of Centre, transfer to the unified share and strengthening of control over quality of services required creation of the QMS within the framework of the Unified operating company.

In May 2010 the executive apparatus of IDGC of Centre initiated the audit procedure, having extended the field of the QMS certification from managerial, informational, consultative services to electric power transmission and technological connection of customers to power grids. 2 months later the audit was conducted in the divisions of the Company.

Audit BSI included examinations of control processes of the QMS, labor protection, logistics and purchase, project activities, cash flow and capital management. In distribution zones processes of ensuring of electric power distribution and technological connection service implementation were checked.

Mikhail Rybin, Head of the Division for Integrated Management Systems of IDGC of Centre, noted: “The Company includes 11 divisions. The project of creation of the unified quality management system of IDGC of Centre is unique in its scale. The processes which are performed in the executive apparatus of the Company and its divisions were audited. It’s a pleasure for us that BSI representatives noted our high standards of interaction construction with customers and strict fulfillment of all contractual obligations”.

Basing on the formed unified quality management system the Company will easier project and implement processes and procedures that ensure compliance with the requirements of other international standards. In experts’ opinion such processes influence positively on capitalisation of the Company.

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