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Power engineers of IDGC of centre shared experience with colleauges from the Republic of Kazakhstan

13 August 2010

The delegation visited the Client Servicing Centre of Belgorodenergo, Contact-centre, grid control centre, learnt advantages of two-level system of the division management. Colleagues from Kazakhstan paid special attention to working experience of IDGC of Centre based on program product SAP IS-U that provides the opportunity to calculate volume of productive power supply, maintain distribution grids efficiently, interact with customers of the Company, reduce costs for electric power account by means of optimization and automation of business-processes.

Representatives of CAFEC were interested in integration of IS-U module with automated information and measuring system of commercial energy metering, feeder-by-feeder balance, settlements with consumers. Guests highly appreciated the degree of automation of business-processes of the division of the large Russian grid company, level of its equipping with up-to-date facilities and professionalism of colleagues.

Alia Urazbaeva, Director for the project of JSC “CAFEC”, noted: “Advantages of this system are that it combines all resources of an enterprise into integral unit and serves as reliable fundamental for building of efficient production activity. Our company is aimed at upgrading of control system, implementation of new products and technology. We are very impressed by the Belgorodenergo control system: there is great experience in the field of implementation of innovations, high responsibility and industry of people, who work here”.

IDGC of Centre is opened for cooperation and experience exchange with colleagues-power engineers from other regions of Russia and near foreign countries, suppliers of equipment. There is presentation day practice in the Company. Technical specialists of IDGC of centre examine products and services offered by native and foreign producers and suppliers of electric power equipment. As the result, there is positioning of a participant of the presentation day in the electric power equipment market and stable contacts between consumers and producers are established.  

For reference:
JSC “Central Asia fuel and energy company”  is founded in June 1997. The company includes enterprises of various branches of economy. Power enterprises of the company are consolidated in the structure of the subsidiary JSC “Central Asia energy corporation” (JSC “CAEC”). They are vertically integrated power holdings comprising all elements of the power supply system: generation, transportation and sale.

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