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The Management of IDGC of Centre participated in the conference of Alfa-Bank

5 August 2010

In the course of presentation Pavel Alikin, Director for Economy of IDGC of Centre, announced financial and operating results of IDGC of Centre’ activity for the Ist half year 2010. According to the results of the Ist half year the revenue growth is 18 % against the analogous period of the last year, indicator reached value of 29,4 billion Rubles, EBITDA index is 5,6 billion Rubles (growth is 20,8 %). Net profit of the Company is 2,5 billion Rubles (growth is 41,2 %), productive supply — 27,8 billion kW/h, growth against the analogous period of the last year is 7 %.

Pavel Alikin answering the questions of the representatives of investment community confirmed that the Management is planning to transfer the divisions of the Company: Bryanskenergo, Orelenergo, Kostromaenergo, Tambovenergo to RAB-regulation during 2010. It is economically feasible to transfer Voronezhenergo and Smolenskenergo to RAB-regulation since January 1, 2011. 

Pavel Alikin told as well about strategic goals of the Company, estimated financial and operating performance indicators for 2010 and directions of implementation of the Company investment program.

Analysts of Alfa-Bank evaluated the results of the meeting with the Management of IDGC of Centre as positive ones. The review of Alfa-Bank regarding past event is available in category “Investor’s calendar”.


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