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IDGC of Centre’s client service centres will teach to save power

2 August 2010

All clients of the Company (entrepreneurs, representatives of budget organizations and joint-stock companies, householders) will be consulted concerning ways of possible saving when using power saving equipment and power effective technologies. The Company armory includes installation (replacement) of multi-tariff (intelligent) accounting meters, transfer to power saving complexes (luminaires using sensor of movement and illumination) of house and outdoor lightning, installation of electric power fiscal accounting systems of (automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal accounting), thermic imaging control, services of measuring laboratories, as well as design and assembly works using up-to-date materials and technologies.

Now it is possible to get consultation of power engineers, to file an application for technical connection in 36 Client Service Centres. In the Ist half year 2010 the Company’s CSCs received over 102 thousand addresses. 70,7 thousand people were consulted concerning issues of IDGC of Centre’s activity, 29,3 thousand people filed applications for technical connection, 1,8 thousand people made reviews on operation of Centres. Due to use of the corporate information system CRM SAP R/3, with the help of which addresses of clients are processed and history of each of them is kept, the Company has reduced the time for processing of applications and issuing of documents.

IDGC of Centre plans to organize the unified system of forwarding of calls of clients which dispatchers of divisions receive, to Contact-centre to single free phone of power engineers 8-800-50-50-115 till the end of the year. As recently as the Ist half year power engineers received 137,2 thousand addresses in hot line. Forwarding of all calls to single telephone number will allow to decrease load on operating and dispatching personnel and to increase quality of being rendered services.

Besides, the Company’s plans include organization of client member area on web-site. With its help each consumer of the Company will be able to get necessary information on movement of sent addresses, performance of concluded contracts, personnel account, fixed tariffs (payments), measures held in the Company, as well as to manage services: to enter metered values, effect payment, make review on the Company activity.

“New service will provide quick feed-back. With the help of member area any client getting service will be operatively professionally consulted , what will increase efficiency of work of power engineers considerably”, — Anna Korneychuk, Head of the Department for Organization of Work withClients of IDGC of Centre, emphasized.



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