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Power engineers are restoring electric power supply interrupted by fires in Voronezh

30 July 2010

Now specialists of the division of IDGC of Centre — “Voronezhenergo” are working on removal of faults caused by forest fires at power facilities in Semiluksky, Kashirsky, Nizhnedevitsky, Liskinsky and Kalacheevsky districts. Fires break out in other districts of the region as well what may result in interruption of electric power supply. Power engineers of IDGC of Centre monitor situation and when emergency situations occur they send teams for repair work. Facilities of socially significant categories of consumers are under special control.  

Specialists of Voronezhenergo established emergency response center which monitors situation in rapid mode for removal of faults. All workforce and means of the division are involved for removal of elimination of fire effects, emergency response and restoration teams and special machines work day and night at places of interruption.

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