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IDGC of Centre improves qualification of personnel

29 July 2010

Technical policy of the Unified Operating Company of Centre is intended to the effective management by its assets, determination of optimal conditions and principal technical directions of development. Step-by-step training of personnel, reveal of substandard product specimens in the process of operation, constant improvement of knowledge and skills when working with new equipment and materials contribute to achievement of this goal.

At present IDGC of Centre uses cross-linked polyethylene cable with uprated specification at new construction and complex reconstruction of power facilities. Participants of the seminar considered the number of issues related to choice of laying methods, determination of section of screens, their earthling, types of transposition of screens, diagnostics and tests.

Mikhail Dmitriev, PhD in Technical Sciences, Head of the department for scientific and technical research of “Plant of power protection devices”, JSC (Saint Petersburg), introduced peculiarities of use of single phase cables of 6—110 kv with cross-linked polyethylene insulation to power engineers. Anton Petrov, technical specialist of “Svyazkomplekt” Ltd. (Moscow), covered issues of diagnostics and tests of these cables.  

Besides, participants of the seminar discussed urgent issues of surge in power grids, typical and particular cases of use of surge suppressors of 6—110 kv. Employees of the Company who deal with approval of project documentation, preparation of technical requirements for purchase of surge suppressor s, their operation should know about potential risks which occur at wrong choice of technical specification and improper assembly of suppressors. 

“Correct choice, assembling and operation of equipment which is used in power grids ensure reliability and, as a result, mitigate risk of technological disturbances. We gained that our employees working in divisions with cross-linked polyethylene surge suppressors and cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation became aware of risks choosing this equipment in the course of the seminar. As a result, trained specialists will bring this information to notice of their subordinate employees in divisions”, — Sergey Novikov, chief specialist of the division of research-and-development and design works of the Department for Technical Development of IDGC of Centre, emphasized.


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