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Congratulation of N.N. Shvets, General Director of IDGC Holding, JSC, with Public Relations Consultant’s Day

28 July 2010

On the behalf of Holding of interregional distribution grid companies and on my own behalf I thank you for contribution in development of Russian information space regarding coverage of tasks and problems of distribution power grid complex. Your goals are to contribute to publication of  creative materials with verified facts and news, to organize effective public relations and target communications with bodies of state authorities, as well as with foreign partners of the Company.

Relations with all public categories form attractive and integral image of IDGC Holding, strengthen its business reputation, increase public (image) capital in the company market value structure. This is all the more reason important, because electric power industry is the strategic sector of the Russian Federation economy. Enhancement of public prestige of power engineership, consolidation of status positions of IDGC Holding and its subsidiaries are the main results of your fruitful work in chosen field. Interest in the life of interregional distribution grid companies and Holding managing them are recipe for your future successes and moral and psychological foundation to call yourselves competent power engineers.

I wish you successful implementation of new creative projects and execution of the vastest schemes! I wish your close ones happiness and welfare!

Sincerely yours,
N.N. Shvets
General Director
of IDGC Holding, JSC

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