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Reconstruction of the unique substation “Tsentralnaya” in Voronezh is being completed

27 July 2010

The substation “Tsentralnaya” of 110/6 kv in Voronezh is one of the unique facilities in power system of IDGC of Centre. It is the most important and loaded substation of the regional centre. At this time the construction of cable tunnel is being completed here. Transfer of consumers from old distribution device of 35/6 kv to new one of 110/6 kv will be performed with its help. Besides, assembling and checkout of cells of 6 kv distribution devices is in progress at the substation. 

Так ПС «Центральная» будет выглядеть после реконструкции“Considering location of the substation and impossibility to provide it with overhead transmission line we have projected and implemented reconstruction of this facility using SF6 insulated cells with cable lines of 110 kv with cross-linked polyethylene insulation. For the first time we applied here technology of horizontal-linear drilling. It is notable for  that cable is laid not in trench, but in special complex which is four-five meters deeper than municipal utilities”, — Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, emphasized.

The substation “Tsentralnaya” will operate autonomously without presence of personnel at the power facility, all management will be performed remotely using up-to-date equipment.

Such facilities operate abroad successfully. For Russia they are yet black swan and operate only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Such construction will be the first one in 11 regions of IDGC of Centre’s activity.

For reference:
The substation “Tsentralnaya” (previously SS No. 10) was constructed in 1958 and located just in centre of Voronezh. Its modernization started in spring 2009. Modern building was erected, assembling of power equipment was performed, cable lines of 110/6 kv were laid and diagnosed for this period on limited space.

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