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Power engineers of distribution power grid complex told about “smart city” at “Seliger-2010”

21 July 2010

Young men and girls from across the country gather with their original projects at the forum which takes place in Tver region for two years in succession. This year it has been divided into three sessions: “Zvorykin’s project”, “Informational stream” and “You are entrepreneur”. Four thousand young scientists, engineers and technologists from 70 regions of the Russian Federation participated in the session “Zvorykin’s project”. Pilot projects in the field of power efficiency, projects on urban redevelopment, medical inventions were submitted to approval to experts and potential investors.

Representatives of the Joint Youth Board of distribution power grid complex presented the project “Innovations in electric power industry”. Power engineers told about the project “Smart cities — smart grids”. IDGC of Centre is implementing this power efficient project successfully in Belgorod. Its main element is electric power fiscal metering system with intelligent accounting meters in consumer houses. Besides, system of intelligent street lightning “Gelios” is being implemented in Belgorod. Tender Committee estimated the project as perspective one for implementation in all regions of the county. It is planned that it will be replicated by IDGC Holding in Sochi, Kaliningrad and Nizhnevartovsk.

“Active work with youth is in progress in IDGC Holding. It is mainly aimed at strengthening corporate spirit, mentoring tradition and atmosphere of competitiveness in professional formation of young specialists, development of scientific-technical creativity as well as strengthening  production discipline and mental and moral potential of labor collectives of IDGC/DGC”, — Nikolay Shvets, General Director of IDGC Holding, declared.

“Seliger” is perfect start into innovation life for the youth of Russia. Intercourse with counterparts and experts from different fields of science and business allows to estimate not only social status but also to mark out the direction of further development”, — Nikolay Petrov, Chairman of Youth Outreach Council of the division of IDGC of Centre — “Bryanskenergo”, member of  Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Bryansk region, noted.
Joint Youth Board of distribution power grid complex is going to extend its participation in the All-Russian Educational Forum considerably in future.


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