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Within the period of high temperatures the power complex of IDGC of Centre works stably

16 July 2010 Additional fire safety measures were taken at power facilities of IDGC of Centre. Power engineers stepped up the works on clearing of routes of power transmission lines from wood and bush coppice and dry grass.  Complete set and operating order of primary fire extinguishing means, efficiency of fire fighting main, condition of access roads to water sources and fire hydrants were checked at all power facilities of the Company.   

Upon approval of applications on putting power equipment to repairs, analysis of loading level of grid elements remained in operation is being conducted in order to prevent their damage or emergency disconnection. Special attention is paid to exclusion of probability of inadmissible wire sag on lines. Operating condition and efficiency of cooling system of power transformers is being checked.

A package of measures on maintenance of optimum personnel working conditions is being implemented in the Company. Working hours under the highest temperatures are limited for workers occupied in repair, operating and emergency and recovery works in the open air, there are mandatory breaks every 45 minutes. Temperature is being controlled in the premises. Introduction of changes to personnel working schedule is admitted, assembly of missing air conditioning means is being performed. Personnel is supplied with drinking water at facilities and in subdivisions of the Company.
Sergey Shumakher, Deputy Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, noted:  “Thermometer columns set records. In this situation our primary objective is to organize reliable work of power equipment and safety conditions for personnel”.


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