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IDGC of Centre illuminated the main symbols of Smolensk

13 July 2010

Works on lighting were performed at the initiative of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division. The same measures had already been implemented earlier: Smolensk power engineers had restored illumination of Svyato-Uspensky cathedral and reconstructed lighting of the park Blonye in the centre of the city.

The commemorative token of the hero-city is located in the historical centre of Smolensk in one of the main pedestrian streets near the buildings of the city and regional administrations, the Hero Memory Alley, the Eternal light and architectural monuments. Traditionally place of its location by the museum of Smolensk wall “Tower Gromovaya” is the site of visit by tourists and residents of the city. Owing to illumination the hero-city token does not loose now the inherent solemnity either in the day time so during dark hours.

“Unilluminated sculpture and small architectural forms vanish even in the dusk. During dark hours they become shapeless shadows at all. But we prevented it, having illuminated the monument significant for citizens by spotlights”, — Nikolay Fedorov, Deputy General Director – Director of IDGC of Centre – Smolenskenergo division, emphasized.

For reference:
On May 6, 1985 the title “Hero-City” was awarded to Smolensk. The Hero Title was warded to 12 cities and one fortress. This is the highest distinction degree of the USSR. The hero-cities are Moscow, Leningrad, Tula, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kiev, Novorossiysk, Kerch, Minsk, Smolensk, Murmansk, Stalingrad, Brest fortress. The Regulation on titles states: the Order of Lenin and the medal “Gold Star” is awarded to the city honored with the highest distinction degree. 

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