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Congratulation of S. I. Shmatko, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, addressed to the employees of IDGC Holding, JSC with the second anniversary of the Company

1 July 2010

Due to colossal experience and readiness to share knowledge in Russian electric power industry intergenerational continuity is preserved. This allows to expect that reforms planned in electric power industry will be implemented by qualified and responsible specialists.

Reform of electric power sector of the Russian economy sets distribution power grid complex new tasks.

Today the priority of IDGC Holding’s development in accordance with Power strategy of Russia for the period till 2030 is cardinal renewal of production assets implying not only considerable decrease of equipment depreciation level, but implementation of  advanced power-saving technologies as well. Undertakings of distribution grid complex are supported at the state level, because they are aimed at contribution of economical growth and social development of regions of the Russian Federation, ensuring of national safety and  sovereignty of our country, increase of its competitiveness and prestige in the world market.

Year in and out we overcome challenges and hardships by joint efforts successfully. We always have what to aim at for improvement of indicators of reliability and quality of power supply of consumers. Power and environmental safety, budget and operating efficiency are imperative tasks of priority for today. Capital construction of new power facilities and modernization of the operating ones will be continued at a rapid pace.

I am sure, step-by-step and strict implementation of ideas and plans of priority will raise the authority and prestige of employees of distribution grid complex even higher in the society!

Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDGC Holding, JSC                S. I. Shmatko

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