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IDGC of Centre, JSC put into operation new up-to-date substation “Kotorosl” in Yaroslavl

15 June 2010 Sergey Vakhrukov, Governor of Yaroslavl region, Evgeny Makarov, General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, Viktor Volonchunas, mayor of Yaroslavl, Evgeny Zayashnikov, Deputy Chairman of Yaroslavl region Duma, Heads of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC – “Yarenergo”, contractors took part in the solemn opening of SS “Kotorosl”. 

The new substation will provide the perinatal centre, Uspensky cathedral, congress-centre, park of the 1 000th anniversary of Yaroslavl, retail and entertainment centre and new residential complex with power supply. Besides, SS Kotorosl” will form power reserve for technological connection of new consumers in Kirovsky and Krasnoperekopsky districts of the city.

Sergey Vakhrukov said: “In the year of the 1 000 anniversary we accepts presents from different organisations and enterprises. This present from IDGC of Centre is the special one. Without it we would not complete many projects and the majority of our plans would not be implemented. The power facility construction started in 2008 crisis year, but, irrespective of economic slowdown, the works were going on here at the highest level. Power engineers of IDGC of Centre acted quickly, professionally and vigorously both during construction and in emergency situations. This new up-to-date power facility will brighten up the infrastructure of our city”.    
Two transformers of 25 MVA each are installed and overhang of two-circuit section of 110 kv power transmission line of 3,3 km length is constructed at the substation located in Kotorosl floodplain. Thus, the installed capacity of the power facility is 50 MVA with outlook for increase up to 80 MVA.

The substation is provided with innovative equipment. Operational control of the facility is conducted remotely with the help of telemechanics devices. Evgeny Makarov, General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, demonstrated this to the guests, having solemnly put into operation SS “Kotorosl”.

Evgeny Makarov noted: “Today we put in 50 MVA of new opportunities. It is one of the first facilities which is handed over by the 1 000th anniversary of Yaroslavl. The best equipment in the world is installed compactly at this substation. Owing to efficient, smart installation of power equipment we could spare about 50 mln Rubles, it reduced as well the load on tariff”.

110 kv Siemens SF6 insulated switchgear with build-in modules of earth switches and disconnectors is installed at SS “Kotorosl”. Is relates to the advanced generation of gas insulated switchgears and complies with all security requirements. Unlike outdoor switchgears with oil breakers the SF6 insulated switchgear is fire- and explosion-proof, has long operation term, more reliable insulated specifications, high breaking capacity. Besides, its maintenance is minimal, and the area occupied by the SF6 insulated switchgear is considerably less than outdoor switchgears.

Automatic remote control of the substation from the Grid control centre of Yarenergo will provide the opportunity to run processes without personnel involvement, what significantly reduce time of switching, putting equipment to repair and elimination of emergencies.

“Now we can invite investor without hesitation, because “Kotorosl” has provided us with reserve of strength and reliability”, — Viktor Volonchunas, mayor of Yaroslavl, emphasized.

Construction and putting into operation of the substation “Kotorosl” demonstrate innovative approach of IDGC of Centre, JSC to development and upgrading of the existing grid complex of the power industry.

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