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IDGC of Centre, JSC put into operation the substation of 110 kv “Krapivenskaya”

10 June 2010

Evgeny Savchenko, the Governor of Belgorod region, Evgeny Makarov, General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, Viktor Filatov, Deputy General Director — Director of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC — “Belgorodenergo”, Vladimir Zotov, General Director of “GC Agro-Belogorye” Ltd., Ivan Boychenko, Head of Administration of Yakovlevsky district, representatives of the Government of the region and contracting organisations participated in solemn opening ceremony of power facility.

Evgeny Savchenko noted: “The President of the Russian Federation set a task to modernize national economy. It means commissioning of new enterprises constructed using up-to-date technologies. Power supply is growing, facilities are being constructed and opened, and it means that the region has perspectives of further development. We have many ideas regarding development of this site. Investment project on alternative power industry will be implementing here. I wish power engineers to have bona fide consumers”.

New supplying centre with transformer capacity of 32 MVA will provide up-to-date slaughtering complex and transport and logistic centre of meat processing plant “Agro-Belogorye” with electric power. “We have seen how seriously professionals work. We have no doubts that power supply of this facility will be reliable”, — Vladimir Zotov, General Director of GC Agro-Belogorye emphasized.

It is planned to connect facilities of infrastructure, selection and hybrid centre, as well as about 8 thousand consumers of residential districts of individual housing construction of Yakovlevsky district to the substation. Capacity being attached within 2010—2011 will be 10 MW.

Evgeny Makarov, General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC said: “It’s very pleasant to open this facility. The supplying centre was erected in recordingly short time — within four months! I thank power engineers and constructors having participated in the project for high-powered work. This substation was constructed using high-technology home equipment. It is up-to-date power effective facility which will be fine example for further distribution in other regions of the country”.

жилищного Along with introduction of SS “Krapivenskaya” power engineers got opportunity to unload substation “Stroitel” and distribution point “Sazhnoe”. During 2010 it is planned to transfer part of load from these power facilities to new substation what will result in increase of reliability of power supply of consumers of Yakovlevsky district.

Equipment of leading home producers — “GC “Elektroshchit” Samara” Closed JSC, “Ureltyazhmash” Ltd., “RADIUS Avtomatika”, Closed JSC is used at the substation “Krapivenskaya”. Relay protection and automatic equipment of the substation are made on the basis of units of microprocessing protections “Sirius” of new modification which poses more flexible customization, superset of functions and allow to control the substation technological complex operation indicators in real time mode. Measuring and information system for electric power accounting is set up for automatic collection of data on consumed electric power volume. Uninterrupted remote control and analysis of technical state of the equipment will be performed using TDM system (Transformer Diagnostics Monitor). This will allow to prevent disturbances of power transformers in an infant state.

Operative management of power facility is performed remotely from Grid Management Centre (GMC) of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC  — “Belgorodenergo” and does not require visit of operating personnel to the substation. This considerably reduces time of switches-over, equipment outage and elimination of emergency conditions. Automatic Process Control System allows to perform all operations provided by the program of switches-over by one key stroke form control board of dispatcher of GMC. To ensure safety at the supplying centre fire and security alarm, system of video monitoring system are installed.

Viktor Filatov noted: “The year before, when the first stone was laid in foundation of agricultural complex construction, here was open field. Power engineers were set difficult challenge — to erect the facility in recordingly short time in order to provide this enterprise with electric power. Enterprise which will provide not only Belgorod region but also other regions of the Centre of Russia with meat”.

“Mekhkolonna No.77”, JSC was the general contractor of the project. “KorSsys”, JSC, “Mekhkolonna No. 26”, JSC, “Belgorodenergoremont” participated in the construction. In whole above 70 people were involved on the construction site.

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