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IDGC of Centre selected the most quality personal protective equipment for personnel

4 June 2010

In 2010 IDGC of Centre has planned to allocate 295 mln Rubles for providing employees with protective equipment and overall, this is more than that was spent last year by 30 %.

Manufacturers presented voltage indicators and personal voltage alarm devices, temporary earth, insulating rods, tongs, wire surge devices, lineman climbers, manways, safety belts, portable ladders, scaffolds, setting tools, insulating gloves, boot, overshoes, protective face, eyes equipment, respiratory protection, safety posters and signs to the contest.

The special commission of the power company experts assessed the whole variety of products of the native manufacturers. Specialists of the Department for technical inspection and Service for industrial control and labor protection were judges on behalf of IDGC of Centre. The equipment was tested by the operating group consisted of representatives of 11 branches. Separately the products were assessed by the team of wiremen who were to use the protective equipment presented by manufacturers in practice.

“IDGC of Centre is the large purchaser with eleven branches in the considerable European territory of our country. We developed the unified approaches, standards in the issues of labor protection and safety. If manufacturer realizes that its products comply with these standards, it presents them to the contest, and we select the best ones. Wiremen are equal participants of the contest. We created the situation, when they both show protective equipment and assess them. A manufacturer has never been yet so close to its client”, — Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, emphasized.

In 2010 the Directorate of IDGC of Centre has planned to provide teams in full with sets for electric installations of 0,4 kv and 10 kv, two sets per a team.  This protective equipment allows excluding the most serious injury risks, including fall from height, electric shock. Dermatologic agents, in particular, cleaning, protective, regenerating pastes and creams will be purchased. Teams will be being provided with sets of rods for installation of temporary earth of 0,4—10 kv without lifting on support. For safety of unauthorized persons and children the requirement specification includes formats of additional posters and signs warning people of electric shock hazard, fishing in overhead line protective zones.

Control over observance of labor protection rules is the priority of the internal social policy of IDGC of Centre. The Company pays great attention to issues of personnel safety and holds regularly open contests on PPE purchase inviting the best manufacturers and suppliers for participation. Following the results of this contest the expert commission will select the best manufacturers. The on top product and equipment samples will be purchased centrally for all branches of IDGC of Centre.


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