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Chief Metrologists of IDGC of Centre, JSC determined the main directions in the development of metrological assurance of the Company

27 May 2010

The principle activity of the metrological services of the branches of IDGC of Centre, JSC consists in monitoring of electric power quality, verification of measuring instruments (MI) including electric power meters, performance of work relating to their calibration and repair. This provides uniformity and required accuracy of measurements at electric power transmission and distribution.

Such services in the branches were established at different times. Somewhere they were established in 50-60s of the past century, somewhere - just recently. In 2009 the Company performed a complex of works on standardization of this direction. In all 11 regions the unified standard (Proprietary Standard 31/01-01/2008 “Metrological assurance”) was implemented, conditioning of metrological assurance means was carried out based on SAP R/3 program product. At present its implementation equals 90 %.

In every branch plans on repair, verification and calibration of instruments are realized. In whole last year IDGC of Centre carried out repair of 5 680 measuring instruments, verification of 14 116 and calibration of 28 010 MI.

Sergey Zaytsev, Chief Engineer of the Department for Measurements and Metrology of IDGC of Centre, JSC, noted: “In whole metrological assurance in the Company is infant enough direction, and it is important to organize work in necessary direction. Joint meeting of 11 branches give opportunity to discuss urgent problems, to come up with the unified solution, to sum-up. We are planning to hold such meeting annually”.

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