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Sportsmen from Kursk wan the football tournament of IDGC of Centre

24 May 2010

Exhibition football match contained two 45-minute halves. Players of the executive staff and six branches of the Company from Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk and Orel regions measured strength with the professionals. Iconic players of the Russian football – veterans of “Spartak”: Fyodor Cherenkov, Yury Gavrilov, Vagiz Khidiyatullin, Georgy Yartsev, Rinat Dasaev, Valery Kechinov and others took the football field; to play with them is a dream of any football player.

Sergey Shavlo, multiple prizetaker and winner of championships of USSR greeted participants of the tournament in the name of eminent football players and noted that such competitions contribute the development of football in our country.

 With overall scoring 12:4 “Spartak” players wan, having proved their high class once again. Then within the frameworks of the corporate football tournament six teams of the Company played with each other having divided into two groups of three teams. The final match was played by sportsmen from Kurskenergo and Belgorodenergo having won in their groups. With overall scoring 2:0 Kursk power engineers wan.
 Viktor Ablyozgov, Adviser General Director of the Company, noted: “Football competition in IDGC of Centre became interregional. This kind of sport becomes more and more popular and unites power engineers both in life and in production activity”.

Nobody was left untouched by the football tournament. Fans could see and appreciate skill of the veterans of “Spartak”. In match participants’ undivided opinion the tournament allowed in full to appreciate skill, fine combination play of the professional players and to draw much for oneself concerning tactic and technique of football.

Valery Kechinov, multiple champion of Russia in football, commenting the results of the tournament noted the high level of organization of sports event and good grounding of teams.

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