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IDGC of Centre, JSC participated in Moscow international forum “Fuel and energy complex of Russia in the 21st century”

12 April 2010

Objectives and principles of power strategy of Russia till 2030 have been announced at the forum. Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation in his greeting letter to participants and guests of the forum emphasized that the key direction that allowed to make the Russian economy more strong and stable is introduction of energy saving technology and implementation of programs on energy  efficiency increase. “In the forum participants’ speech the main tendency of the Russian power industry development – its technological upgrading - was traced.  This is maximally efficient and interesting both for investors and consumers”, — Vadim Fedorov, Deputy General Director for Development and Performance of Power Grid Services of IDGC of Centre, JSC, note.

Currently specialists of IDGC of Centre are developing the integrated program on energy saving and energy efficiency increase agreed with administrations of regions according to financial models, terms, responsible controllers. In future this work should be reflected in applications on tariff regulation for 2011, investment and repair programs.

“Today the principle emphasis of the program on energy efficiency increase of IDGC of Centre is energy consumption counting. This year specialists of the Company will have to upgrade about 80 thousand of energy counting points of consumers on the basis of intelligent technologies. Expenses for implementation of this project are taken into account in the investment program of IDGC of Centre. The set task will lead to objectivity of counting and allow to return investments for implementation of the program within three years. It is a quickly paid back efficient project which we are planning to increase yearly”, — Vadim Fedorov emphasized.

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