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Power engineers of IDGC of Centre are working in special regime during state visit to Smolensk

7 April 2010

Power engineers of IDGC of Centre made arrangements intended to increase of reliability of power supply of facilities for reliable power supply of State Memorial Complex “Katyn” and temple being put up in died persons’ memory. Replacement of transformer was carried out at package transformer substation “State Memorial Complex “Katyn”, that allowed to increase its capacity from 100 up to 400 kVA, circuit of standby power supply of complex through 0,4 and 6 kv lines were developed. Besides, employees of Smolenskenergo performed additional inspection of equipment at facilities and unscheduled technical maintenance of power transmission lines providing power supply of complex, as well as preventive measures were taken at other facilities which Russian and Polish Prime-ministers are going to visit.

Power engineers control operation of equipment of substations, power transmission lines, necessary fire safety measures are taken. Special control is established over operation of equipment of power substations and grids, teams are provided with necessary instrument, materials and transport in case of emergency situations.

For reference:
Memorial complex “Katyn” is put up at the place of Katyn tragedy — mass grave of victims of political repressions of the Soviet times (1918—1953),as well as Polish servicemen (1940) in so-called Katyn forest — former settlement Kozyi gory which is from Smolensk at 15 km and from settlement Katyn at 7 km along the Vitebsk road. According to data of the General History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences more than 8 thousand people were buried in Kozyi gory. 100 Soviet citizens had been killed within the period since 1918 till 1953, herewith up to 7 thousand of burials had been made within the period of 1937—1938.

Arrangement of memorial above the mass grave of Poles began in 1978. Government of the Russian Federation and Government of the Republic of Poland signed agreement on burials and sites of commemoration of victims of wars and totalitarian repressions in 1994 in Krakov. Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Russia and Council for protection of memory, fight and martyrdom of the Republic of Poland were the organizers of putting up of the memorial to Poles fallen in Katyn forest. Government decree of the Russian Federation “On putting up of memorial complexes of Soviet and Polish citizens — victims of totalitarian repressions in Katyn (Smolensk region) and Mednoe (Tver region)” was signed in 1996. The memorial was solemnly opened on July 28, 2000.

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