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IDGC of Centre, JSC is preparing for spring thunderstorms

29 March 2010

Traditionally thunderstorms begin in May in the central Russia. This spring month is characterized by average daily temperature increase and precipitations of heavy rain nature which are often accompanied by thunderstorms. Frequently lightnings inflict material harm to power industry facilities. 

To neutralize acts of nature before thunderstorm period power engineers fulfill measures on strengthening of voltage-surge protection of power transmission line sections located in regions of active thunderstorms level. Special attention is paid to replacement of damaged insulators on high-voltage lines (HVL), serviceability check of earthing of  ground wires in project points, integrity of earthing conductors of supports, equipment, buildings and constructions, good works of emergency mode registers, oscillographs, devices of fixing and determining of damaged sections of power transmission lines. Extraordinary instructions and trainings of operating staff intended to determining of damaged sections of HVL and actions under thunderstorm conditions are held in each branch.

«To minimize influence of nature events on reliability of our power facilities, we took violations of power grid complex for the same periods of previous years into account in the plans of measures of 2010. To update evaluation of lightning protection work reliability this year we will continue works on systematic registration of cases of thunderstorm disconnections and damage of overhead lines, power distribution grid facilities», — Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy, emphasized.

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