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IDGC of Centre will connect combined cycle gas turbine unit of combined heat and power plant of North-Western district of Kursk to its grids

25 March 2010

компанииThis issue was decided at the meeting in the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC — “Kurskenergo”. Representatives of distribution grid company, branch of “TGC-4”, JSC -  “Kursk regional generation”, branch of “SO UES”, JSC – power system regional dispatching office of Kursk and Orel regions, branch of “FGC UES”, JSC -  “Chelyabinsk Enterprise of Intersystem Power Grids”, Institute “Tulaenergosetproekt» gathered together to discuss this issue.

At the meeting the following issues were discussed: engineering and reconstruction of SS-110 kv “Boiler house” within the framework of implementation of scheme of power distribution and construction of package distribution gas-insulated device (PDGID) with voltage of 110 kv. Distribution device allowing to reduce costs of grid company due to decrease of operation expenses will be the first PDGID in Kursk region.

Alexandr Rudnevsky, Chief Engineer of the branch of IDGC of Centre, JSC — “Kurskenergo” remarked: “Construction of PDGID -110 kv at the substation “Boiler house” will allow not only to decide the issue regarding technological connection of CCGTU, but also it will improve reliability of power supply of the city and region”.

Representatives of TGC-4 and Kurskenergo confirmed readiness to carry out construction of their facilities within coordinated time periods. It is planned, that CCGTU will be brought into operation at the end of 2010. After the modernization of boiler house power will be distributed into the grid of FGC through SS-110/10 kv “Boiler house”. This will considerably improve quality of power supply of 150 thousand residents of North-Western district and of being extensively constructed South-Western and Northern districts, will give an opportunity of technological connection of new consumers.

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