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IDGC of Centre, JSC will provide Voronezh heat electric generation plant-2 with power

15 March 2010 Employees of IDGC of Centre, JSC, the branch of “TGC-4”, JSC — “Voronezh regional generation”, Voronezh regional dispatching department (RDD) coordinated their actions for trial startup of the installation.

Representatives of TGC-4 which deals with construction of the Heat electric generation plant-2 confirmed readiness of scheme performance for trial startups. IDGC of Centre defined terms and volumes of works necessary for technological connection. For the new up-to-date installation to be connected within the shortest terms, it is required to reconstruct power grid equipment and perform a number of construction works.

The decision on development of general scheme of trial startups between Voronezhenergo, TGC-4 and Voronezh RDD with approval of week-to-week schedule of work performance by all parties was taken at the meeting. These works are carried out upon agreement with general contractor for design of power grid construction items of this connection — “Voronezhenergo”, JSC.

Dmitry Rybnikov, Head of the Department for Technical Development of IDGC of Centre, JSC, noted: “Power delivery to the Heat electric generation plant-2 will have positive impact on economy of the region, eliminate power deficit, extend possibility of connection of new consumers. For we to deliver successfully power to such large item as the Heat electric generation plant-2, we need the corresponding infrastructure. This task will be solved in the nearest future”.

It is planned that the Heat electric generation plant-2 will have been put into operation before October 1, 2010.

For reference:
The Heat electric generation plant-2 is the source of heat and electric power in Voronezh of the first significance. It started working in 1957. In 2008 on the basis of the old the Heat electric generation plant-2 the large-scale reconstruction began owing to which capacity of the new Heat electric generation plant will be increased nearly in 10 times. Its putting into operation will allow to eliminate heat and electricity deficit in the regional centre.

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