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Effect of the program on IDGC of Centre loss reduction amounted to 71 mln rubles

11 March 2010

Power loss in electric grids is one of the key indicators of power metering system state and the Company efficiency. Works on power expenditures for own needs, leveling of loads in distribution grids, reduction of technical maintenance and basic equipment repair duration as well as correct re-distribution of primary grid load allowed IDGC of Centre to spare about 41 mln Rubles.

Besides, to increase work efficiency power engineers were carrying out replacement of overloaded and underloaded transformers, old wires by new ones with big section, taps to residential houses by self-supporting insulated conductor, disaggregation of power transmission lines, transfer of grids to higher voltage, measures on metering system improvement and unaccounted power consumption reveal were being implemented. Saving of these measures amounted to 30 mln Rubles.

«In international experts opinion, power losses at its transmission and distribution in power grids can be considered to be satisfactory, if they do not exceed 4—5 %. Power losses at 10 % level can be considered to be maximum permissible in respect with the physics of power transmission in grids. Owing to implemented measures on loss reduction in 2009 we could maintain this value within 10 %. I’d like to point out that power theft by unconscientious consumers is significant share in this value. This process has accurate tendency to growth, especially in the regions with unfavorable economic situation», — Petr Nordenshtern, Head of the Department for power transportation of IDGC of Centre emphasized.

IDGC of Centre offers its clients to help power engineers in power theft fight. The action “Inform on theft” started in February 2010 is intended to reveal of unaccounted and non-contractual power consumption and theft. Clients can inform engineers on cases of illicit welding, power grid equipment theft, connection to wires, violation of integrity of metering devices, connection to foreign objects by free direct line phone of power engineers 8-800-50-50-115 as well as phones duty in each power grid district, and put in an application on the Company Web-site /clients/client/theft/.

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