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Power grid complex of IDGC of Centre is being prepared for operation during spring flood

9 March 2010

Traditional spring flooding which may damage electrical facilities located in landslide zones, submergence and wash zones begins from the moment of intensive snow melting – at the end of March and keeps up to normalization of water level.

Anti-flooding measures are developed and are being performed in 11 regions of energy company. Power engineers completed emergency reserve, made schedule of intensified duty, and provided readiness of personnel and technical equipment for emergency recovery work. Operating and maintenance personnel passed trainings in exercise of actions under HAZOP using floating crafts.

Examination of substations and sections of overhead transmission lines, production buildings and constructions was carried out. Equipment fallen within flood water zone is being protected from submergence by floodwater: places of laying of cable, pipes, vent ducts though wall of buildings are being compacted; troughs, spout pipes, water outlets, water drainage funnels, trough gutters and drains are being cleaned and prepared for water discharge. Besides, mobile diesel power stations which may be use as main source of supply in case of emergency situation are prepared.

Sergey Shumakher remarked: “Being under threat of ice jams and big ice masses dangerous for equipment power engineers organize temporary observation stations. Interaction and operational communication inside the company, with subdivisions of civil defense and emergency situations, local administrations, hydrometeorological services are provided. Taken measures make us to be sure of minimization of risks at operation during flood period”.

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