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IDGC of Centre, JSC reports new appointments

2 March 2010

Dmitry Gudzhoyan is appointed Deputy General Director for the Corporate Governance of IDGC of Centre, JSC. Until the current appointment he has been the Director for Economy of the Company. Being in the new capacity Dmitry Olegovich Gudzhoyan performs development of the uniform policy of corporate governance and property management, accompanying of the Company contract relations, organisation of works on reforming of communal sphere economic entities, interaction with government authorities of constituent units of the Russian Federation in terms of change of the regional legislation.

Dmitry Olegovich started his labor activities in 1997 as an economist in bureau “MADI Eurotax”. Since 2002 up to the current appointment he has been working at managerial positions in commercial organisations.

In 1998 Dmitry Gudzhoyan graduated from International University in specialty “Economic theory”, having taken the bachelor’s degree in Economics, in 1999 — Moscow State Automobile and Road Institute (MARI). In 2002 — postgraduate of MARI. Candidate of Science in Economics.

Sergey Mashchenko is appointed Deputy General Director for Security of IDGC of Centre, he has previously occupied the position of Assistant General Director for Economic Security of IDGC of Centre. Sergey’s Nikolaevich duties include management of security service, state secret protection division and mobilization training division of IDGC of Centre.

In 1981 Sergey Nikolaevich graduated from Kharkov higher military aviation school for communications in specialty “Engineer for radio communications operation”. Since 1977 till 1984 he had been serving in communications units of Military Air Forces of the USSR. Then he had been sent to work in State security bodies. In 1985 he completed Higher courses of military counterintelligence of the Committee for State Security (KGB) of the USSR, and in 1994 he got the second higher education in Academy of the Federal Security Service of Russia in specialty “Jurisprudence” with qualification “Officer with higher special education”. He served at operational and managerial positions. He has been working in IDGC of Centre since April 2005.

Sergey Mashchenko participated in counterterrorist operations in the North Caucasus. He was decorated with the order “For military merit”.

Pavel Akilin is appointed Director for Economy of IDGC of Centre, JSC, he has previously occupied the position of Deputy Director for Economy and Finances of IDGC of Centre — “Tverenergo”.

Being in the position of Director for Economy Pavel Evgenyevich Akilin will solve issues of business economic efficiency increase and the Company profit growth, be responsible for the unified budget management system and the uniform policy of economic planning system management, the Company financial and economic activity analysis, efficiency of investment projects as well as selection of projects to be included in investment programs.

Pavel Evgenyevich started his labor activities in 1996 from a technician-economist of the Planning and Economic Division of the Heat Electric Generation Plant-1 «Udmurtenergo» in Izhevsk, carved out the career and in 2005 he became Deputy General Director for Economy. Later on he worked at managerial positions in IDGC of Centre and North Caucasus, Lenenergo, Pavlovoenergo. He began to work in IDGC of Centre, JSC – “Tverenergo” in 2009.

In 1997 Pavel Akilin graduated from State Technical University in specialty “Economy and management at enterprise”, in 2005 he got additional education in the same specialty.

Andrey Poltavtsev is appointed Director for Legal Affairs of IDGC of Centre, JSC, he has previously worked as Director of Belgorod department of JSC «Corporate Service Systems».

Being in the position of Director for Legal Affairs Andrey Vladimirovich will be responsible for organisation of the Company efficient contract work (including branches), organisation of efficient regulatory and legal support of business, preparation of proposals on introduction of changes in the current Federal and regional legislation relating to issues of IDGC of Centre’s activity.

He started his career in the power engineering industry in 2003 from the position of a legal adviser, until the current appointment he has hold managerial positions in JSC “Corporate Service Systems”. In 2000 Andrey Poltavtsev graduated from Moscow State University of Statistics and Informatics in specialty “Jurisprudence”.

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