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The technical council of IDGC of Centre summed up the company operating activities in 2009

27 February 2010

Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, JSC, presented IDGC of Centre’s reliability increase program for 2010—2014. «For power facilities of the Company to keep values of all parameters within the specified limits during long time, it is necessary to ensure implementation of organisational and technical measures. We have worked out them basing on the analysis of technical condition of equipment and risks of system elements», — he emphasized.

Sergey Shumakher related securing of preparation of power grids to work in new Autumn-and-Winter period, fulfillment of the planned complex of works on capital repairs, implementation of assets management system, development of equipment renovation program, fulfillment of complex of measures on operative and technological control improvement to the high priority tasks of the technical unit in new year.
The separate task is observance of power supply reliability indicators basing on the accurate information, including the branches that were transferred to tariff formation system by RAB method. In 2010 it is planned as well to ensure monitoring of power quality parameters by the branches, development and implementation of measures intended to securing of rated levels of power quality parameters.

Analyzing power outage in the Company regions in 2009 Dmitry Pankov, Director for Operation and Repairs, noted that power engineers developed and implemented adjusting measures in relation to overhead lines of 35—110 kv that had been disconnected 10 times and more per year. Porcelain insulation replacement, cutting of dangerous trees, installation of protection from birds, works on removal of trees fallen down on OL, widening of route performed by specialists of IDGC of Centre allowed to reduce equipment accident rate.

In new year IDGC of Centre approved the uniform technical policy /docs/tech_politic.pdf. In compliance with it preparation of technical tasks for engineering of new substations, overhead and cable lines of 10 – 110 kv and reconstruction of the existing ones, work on technical re-equipping of distribution grid items, equipment purchase, issue of technical conditions for technological connection are being carried out in all branches of the Company. Technical policy is the fundamental document at engineering, construction and assembly of power items in the course of operation in terms of assurance of technical specifications of the applied equipment. 
Dmitry Rybnikov, Head of the Department for Technical Development of IDGC of Centre, JSC, demonstrated pilot equipment of the Russian production, intended to implementation within the territory where IDGC of Centre operates, to the participants. Vacuum breaker of 35 kv and portable integrated distribution device of 10 kv «Etalon» of “Tavrida Electric” production for reconstruction and new construction of substations, neutral grounding cabinet NGC/TEL of 6—10 kv — these and other installations have a number of advantages over applicable analogs and should increase work efficiency of power engineers.

Within the frameworks of the Technical Council participants got acquainted with the technology of moulded and insulated current wires that was presented by CJSC “Baltic cable company”.  Participants of the Technical Council visited power substation of 35 kv «Apraxino» at which these technologies are applied.

For reference:
Meetings of the Technical Council of IDGC of Centre are held twice a year on the basis of one of the Company branches. Coordinated policy of 11 regions of the country that influences on construction and implementation of efficient model of technological complex control is developed at meetings.


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