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IDGC of Centre is proud of its defenders of the motherland

24 February 2010 Within the framework of implementation of social policy IDGC of Centre paid out cash bonus to all employees of the Company, who participated in military operations intended to maintenance of constitutional system of the Russian Federation, did their international duty, took part in armed conflicts for protection of state interests.

Among officials of the Company there are many employees, who defended in arms state interests in Chechnya, Afghanistan and other local armed conflicts. In connection with the professional holiday directors of IDGC of Centre decided to give these people bonus.

«This is one more practical demonstration of social tendency of our Company, convincing confirmation of the fact that the mission and declared valuables of IDGC of Centre are indeed real things which the Company follows strictly and rigorously», — Viktor Ablyozgov, Chairman of the initial trade union organisation of the Company, emphasized.

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