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Congratulation of Evgeny Makarov, the General Director of IDGC of Centre, JSC, with the defender of the motherland day

19 February 2010

It is really the nation-wide holiday which represents indissoluble linkage between generations and succession of warrior traditions, embodies self-sacrificing service to the Motherland and recognition of great merits of the Russian warrior-host to the State. I express special gratitude to veterans of the war and military service, those, who dedicated their lives to noble business — service to the Motherland, who safeguard and maintain glorious traditions of many generations of the Russian warriors.

Dear friends! I congratulate you with the remarkable holiday - the Defender of the Motherland Day with all my heart! Let your work and good deeds will be worthy contribution to strengthening of power of our State. I wish you success in the further perfection of professional skills, great achievements in creative labor for the benefit of the Motherland! I wish you and your family robust health, welfare and many years of life!

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