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IDGC of centre pays out monetary remuneration to consumers that informed on power theft

16 February 2010

The most cases of power theft were revealed in Tverenergo and Voronezhenergo — 38 and 15 % respectively of the whole volume of the revealed cases of unaccounted consumption. The most part of acts of unaccounted power consumption were drawn up over private sector — 5 766, this equals to 10,5 mln kW/h of unaccounted and non-contractual power consumption. Among legal entities — 2 659 acts, 67,3 mln kW/h of unaccounted power consumption were revealed.

Power theft and illegal connection to power grids entail reduction of power quality and as a result breakdown of household appliances. In case of illegal power consumption payment for unaccounted power is automatically distributed between all residents, including prompt payers, in apartment houses with input metering devices. Unrevealed cases of power theft increase the Grid company losses. All this leads to growth of tariffs in future periods.

To increase population power supply quality, revealing of unaccounted and non-contractual power consumption power engineers of IDGC of Centre hold the action «Inform on theft». The Company calls its clients to inform about cases of illicit welding, power grid equipment theft, illegal connection to wires, violation of integrity of metering devices, connection to foreign objects. Obtained information will help specialists of IDGC of Centre to react immediately and eliminate similar violations and, therefore, обеспечивать secure high quality of power and reduce losses in grids. Monetary remuneration in the amount of 20% of the sum paid by a violator will be paid out to a client that informed on theft.

You can inform on theft facts by free direct line phone of power engineers 8-800-50-50-115 putting in an application on the Company Web-site /clients/client/theft/, in the department of the Client Service Centre or any other sub-division of the Company.

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