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Technical experts of IDGC of Centre, JSC have discussed issues on modernization of power grid complex

15 February 2010

On 10—11 February Heads and specialists of the Department of technical inspection and services of production supervision and labour protection of IDGC of Centre, JSC and of branches were discussing key issues of modernization, renovation and technical re-equipment  of grid complex of the Centre of Russia, accidence and industrial injury prevention, organization of system of internal technical control. At present the networks renewal program scheduled for the next ten years is being discussed at the state level. It provides reduction of level of equipment wearing and infrastructure of distribution power grid complex, and as a result it provides growth of reliability and reduction of electric power loss. IDGC of Centre is on its part ready to implement target program. 
To improve automation and networks visibility power engineers of IDGC of Centre implement digital communication channels, integrate systems of information and technological complex with systems of business applications, program complexes for calculation of loss, calculation of modes, GIS into unified management system. This work allows reducing of duration of planned and emergency outages, optimizing of number of operating personnel, providing complex monitoring of network state, true recording and analysis of outages.

Reduction for the last three years of natural phenomena influence on accident rate of power complex, of personnel error and impact of third persons is the result of projects already implemented in IDGC of Centre. 585 replacements of oil-poor circuit breakers of 6—10 kv by vacuum ones, of support-bar isolation, reconstructions of Relay protection and emergency controls devices, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers of 35—110 kv were made in 2009. Last year the Company spent 3,5 billion rubles for growth of equipment reliability.

Sergey Shumakher, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of IDGC of Centre, JSC, remarked: “We are the first in Russia who implemented power grid complex operative management system, automated processes in SAP R/3, formed mobile teams. OMS and DMS systems, which will allow monitoring of state of power grid equipment in real-time mode, will be implemented in the short term in regions of IDGC of Centre operation. Works on improvement of production technologies, implementation of innovations, and reduction of electric power loss in distribution networks will be continued in 2010”.

Sergey Shumakher submitted program of growth of reliability of IDGC of Centre, JSC scheduled till 2014 to persons presented. It includes measures on implementation of assets management system, improvement of visibility and automation of networks, formation of mobile teams, automation of technological processes, target programs of reliability growth, transfer of 35—110 kv transformers. 

Industrial injury prevention remains to be the important direction in the Company. IDGC of Centre, JSC spent about 294 million rubles for measures on labour protection in 2009. Program of injury risks reduction in IDGC of Centre, JSC till 2012 is approved by the Board of Directors. Within the framework of the program special attention was paid to providing of teams with modern protective means, in particular with kit of sticks KSG (kit of sticks for installation of temporary grounds without going up the support). According to the results of the last year the whole operating and repair personnel of the Company is provided with summer and winter heat-resistant overall. Elena Kalinina, Chief of the Industrial supervision and labour protection service of IDGC of Centre, JSC marked the necessity of constant control for state of labour conditions of employees, steadfast compliance with regulations and rules of labour protection by the Company personnel.

Summing up the meeting, Oleg Rochagov, Chief of the Department for Technical Inspection of IDGC of Centre, JSC, emphasized that power engineers have to do great regular work on growth of reliability of power grid complex operation, on stable and uninterrupted power supply of consumers in 2010. Besides, all necessary conditions for providing of safety work of each employee, of training and professional development of the personnel will be created in the Company.

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